Wednesday, 8 June 2011

google +1

I see we now have the +1 button...please +1 the f**k out of each and every article on this blog.....

go the buttons....

Sunday, 5 June 2011

new phone...HTC Desire S

Ive finally got a new phone after several months of using a £10 pay as you go replacement Samsung dumb phone..My contract was up for renewal so i bagged me an HTC Desire S, which is my second HTC Android based phone ive had, previously i had the Tattoo which was running Android 1.6 and had a terrible screen..which i eventually broke after throwing it in a football (soccer) induced rage..hence why i had the temporary Samsung thing.

Anyway, the Desire S i have is running Android 2.3.3 which seems to be a lot nicer than my previous experience of 1.6..I mean that felt was sluggish, apps constantly crashed and it was just like using an unpolished turd.
The phone is nice, has a lovely screen and came with quite a lot of preinstalled apps and the usual shit that Orange preinstall as well.
Ive been impressed with the camera, well to be fair anything is an improvement on the iPod Touch camera that ive been using of late..

Below are some random shots from the garden, and obviously some cat pictures.

Garden stuff mkII

Savour these delightful pictures of my garden, pretty much everything I planted in Feb-March has began to grow. Potatoes are going wild in their planter thing.