Sunday, 17 April 2011

Garden Time

Its been a lovely sunny weekend so some quality time was spent in the garden. Pots were filled and plants were planted.

The top part of the garden was were i spent time today, painted the wall at the side  and bought a couple of new pots and lovely little plants(dont know what they were, im useless at remembering plant names).

Yes.. you may find this dull but i do love to potter about in the garden much like an old person would, its relaxing and incredibly rewarding so it.

Ohhh i planted two chilli plants aswell, so i shall be charting their growing process along with  my potatoes...maybe some kind of potatoe chilli recipe will come to fruition later this year...

Note the bench which i sanded down and repainted a few weeks ago....mmmmmm

Pictures were taken using Camera+ on my iPod, the "sunkissed" filter was used as they looked really dull as i took the pictures at about 19:27.

PT + LB = Fun

This cryptic little message was spotted by myself on my way to work aboard a train, scrawled in what looks like nail varnish on the edge of the table is the almost biblical prose of:

I wish i was around to meet pt and lb and see if they did indeed equal fun but alas i shall never know...

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Nintendo Aims to beat 6 year Old Xbox 360 with New console!!

Serial underpowered console releaser Nintendo is rumoured to be preparing to debut their next gen console at the forthcoming E3 in June.
The internet is rife with the usual rumours and idle speculation, the main rumour floating around is that it will be more powerful than the Xbox 360 and the PS3....well you would kind of hope so seeing as the the Xbox is knocking on its 6th year of release!!

Considering the Wii is little more than a Gamecube with wifi and wii-motes, Nintendo are so far behind in the HD console race that its almost embarrassing. I dont play with my Wii too often, mainly because the decent games are so few and far between its difficult to break away from Black Ops or Red Dead long enough to try them out.,yeah yeah theres the usual Mario kart, galaxy, world games but surely they can only drag these out for so long,  Resident Evil 4 was alright, but i also had that on the Gamecube...any difference! (even the blurred non HD graphics are pretty much the same).

Nintendo faces the difficult choice of either trying to aim their new console at the hardcore gamers of the xbox and ps3 and of their own yesteryear or the current crop of casual family gamers that have bought wii by the shed load. Im pretty sure we all know where they will go....casual all the way...

Also pricing will interesting, seeing as Nintendo likes to sell its consoles at a profit (unlike the loss making xbox and ps3) so making a high end new console and selling at a profit could see a scary high retail price.

Anyway i'll put my speculation hat away.

Oh, i have a 3DS...well my lad does, i cant say im amazed by it as of yet...again waiting for some decent games to arrive (possibly the worst line up of launch day games ever?). We have Splinter Cell (shit) and Lego Star Wars 3 (alright but nothing amazing).

Friday, 8 April 2011

Fridays Video

My new regular feature...Friday Video Spectacular!!

Todays wondrous video is a beautiful time lapse of a flight between San Fransisco and Paris. The northern lights look nice.
I cant think of anything funny or witty to put here so just watch the video...

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Gay Skeleton Outed by Daily Mail...

Continuing my trawl through the guff filled writings of the Daily Mail website, this headline article actually hit me in the face and screamed..WTF WTF WTF... I honestly had to check the date to see if it had slipped out on April the 1st, it hadnt.
So apparently this 5000 year old cave man has been outed as being a gay simply due to the way he was buried, he was buried with no weapons but pots instead ..i was expecting to seem him buried with a mammoth skin handbag or..something else...i dunno i cant even think what would differentiate a non gay cave man from a gay cave man.

Now im not a gay  man or indeed a gay cave man but i had to turn my eye to the comments section of this article on the Daily Mail's site, its full of the classic mix of right wing gold and obvious trolls, i notice a lot of the really anti gay stuff seems to be coming from the American posters (they really must fear the queer skeletons):

Probably a crusty old bachelor who didn't want women messing up his bachelor cave, as for being gay get it right, homosexual, gay was only stolen by the homosexual group in recent times, and they seem to spend all their time saying and trying to prove it is normal.

Maybe the ground was just hard? Maybe he curled up and was covered? Maybe they didn't like him? Seems like a lot of conjecture to me... I guess the desire to legitimize homosexuality trumps all else...idk.

PC gone mad again, next we will be told he was also a Muslim!

Just have to get the "gay" thing everywhere!!

Junk science pandering to the politically correct agenda of the liberal and/or gay community. Not real science at all.

Here we go gay gay it's all you hear. May be it was a straight man who liked house work....don't have to be gay for that do you????? Still any old excuse eh?

He does look a bit camp.......

Trainers on the wire...

The soothing sight of a pair of worn out trainers hanging from a telephone wire is always going to raise a chuckle with me.
I've never been sure whether the whole trainers hanging from a wire is drug related or gang related or just some pissed up blokes trying to confuse people. I tend to side with the latter.
This hilariously classic Daily Mail article litterally had me laughing aloud to here for the middleclass panic riddled guff.
The quote, "We asked about the trainers and people said it was an American thing and to do with drugs." , had me reaching for my chuckle box, its such a middle class alarmist thing to come out with, i mean who did this person ask?? a man next door, someone in the pub, a cashier in the bank??. Hey maybe it was just someone who thought it would be funny to through some trainers over a wire..?

This lovely pair was photographed just outside of my workplace.
Taken and edited on my iPod using Camera+

Monday, 4 April 2011

Adam & Joe Return to the Big British Castle, Denny Different!!

Praise be to Denny Different!!!

Adam and Joe have returned..swoon...listen and look here.

Their podcast is available here

If you have never listened to the irreverent silliness of these pair then you really should be ashamed of yourself..

Camera+ & Cat

Another picture of Pebbles the cat this time taken using Camera+ App on my iPod, even with the appallingly shitty iPod camera it produces pretty decent results.
I love the interface and how quickly it processes images. The inbuilt fx are pretty decent aswell, the below cat picture was edited using the "minature" process which is just a faux tiltshift effect.
There is in App purchasing available, you can buy load of hipstamtic esq effects, altho i cant be bothered as im all hipstmaticed out now...
I'll be messing around with this for a few days a will try and remember to post some more pictures of non cat based subjects...just wish the iPod had the same camera as the iPhone 4...gahhhh

Camera+ is currently available for 59p..bargin...