Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I have to say over the past 18 months or so i have become an ardent podcast listener, i currently spend a mind bending 4 hours per day commuting so i have plenty of time to sit and listen to people talking, i used to listen to music but after a while its difficult to not constantly replay the same albums and tracks over and over till you begin to hate the very albums and artists you once cherished.
Anyway my current crop of subscribed podcasts are:

WTF -  Marc Maron's head fuckingly good twice-weekly, comedy/shit shooting chat with various comedians. I've been listening to this since the first episode (late 2009) and i literally havent skipped an episode..i dont think i've committed to anything in my life as seriously as i do to this podcast...jeez

Friday Night Comedy - Yes its the BBC and its on Radio 4...and yes it makes me feel a bit middle aged..but its funny sometimes and i never thought id type "Sandi Toksvig made me chuckle on a train"...there i did it...

Tech News Today - A daily tech/geek show, belongs to the Twit network which i really like. I feel like im a closet geek , because nobody i know listens to this kind of stuff and i havent told anyone i day i should step out of the nerd closet...

Adam & Joe - I have listened to their podcasts literally with tears running down my cheeks as i sit on the bus/train... unfortunately they are not currently on bbc6, but when they return you really have to listen to them,...... i wish both of them were close personal friends...sigh

So there you go, listen to those exact podcasts and i can guarantee you will have a run of luck and happiness stretching far far into the future. 

love you bye!!!

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