Monday, 2 May 2011

The Royal Bin laden wedding Long time update post..Boom!

Its been a few weeks since the last post, this had been due to a simple lack of effort on my behalf..i apologise.

Im posting this blog whilst sitting in the garden on a lovely sunny Monday, its warm(ish) but quite breezy...the garden is looking rather splendid (photos to follow later), my potatoe plants have gone bat shit crazy in their hopefully i shall get a good crop of spuds at some point, not exactly sure when you harvest them..any ideas?

Its been a news readers wet dream of a bank holiday weekend what with the much spaffed over Royal Wedding and now in todays breaking news of Osama Bin Ladens capture and subsequent death, its like a jackpot of news food.

The supposed death picture of Bin Laden caused much hilarity amongst many a photoshop spotter..this is one of the worst photoshops of a dead person i have ever reminds me of when i was a younger person and discovered Deluxe Paint II (or was it III) on my Amiga, there were a set of pre drawn faces and i remember drawing blood and scars on one of them and yes it was almost as good as the Bin Laden one.
picture taken from gizmodos article....

Also causing much merriment was this awesome website of photoshopped russian weddings....

There really seems to be a small shrunk man in large high heeled shoe thing going on in a lot of these pictures..

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