Sunday, 17 April 2011

Garden Time

Its been a lovely sunny weekend so some quality time was spent in the garden. Pots were filled and plants were planted.

The top part of the garden was were i spent time today, painted the wall at the side  and bought a couple of new pots and lovely little plants(dont know what they were, im useless at remembering plant names).

Yes.. you may find this dull but i do love to potter about in the garden much like an old person would, its relaxing and incredibly rewarding so it.

Ohhh i planted two chilli plants aswell, so i shall be charting their growing process along with  my potatoes...maybe some kind of potatoe chilli recipe will come to fruition later this year...

Note the bench which i sanded down and repainted a few weeks ago....mmmmmm

Pictures were taken using Camera+ on my iPod, the "sunkissed" filter was used as they looked really dull as i took the pictures at about 19:27.

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