Monday, 4 April 2011

Camera+ & Cat

Another picture of Pebbles the cat this time taken using Camera+ App on my iPod, even with the appallingly shitty iPod camera it produces pretty decent results.
I love the interface and how quickly it processes images. The inbuilt fx are pretty decent aswell, the below cat picture was edited using the "minature" process which is just a faux tiltshift effect.
There is in App purchasing available, you can buy load of hipstamtic esq effects, altho i cant be bothered as im all hipstmaticed out now...
I'll be messing around with this for a few days a will try and remember to post some more pictures of non cat based subjects...just wish the iPod had the same camera as the iPhone 4...gahhhh

Camera+ is currently available for 59p..bargin...

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