Thursday, 7 April 2011

Gay Skeleton Outed by Daily Mail...

Continuing my trawl through the guff filled writings of the Daily Mail website, this headline article actually hit me in the face and screamed..WTF WTF WTF... I honestly had to check the date to see if it had slipped out on April the 1st, it hadnt.
So apparently this 5000 year old cave man has been outed as being a gay simply due to the way he was buried, he was buried with no weapons but pots instead ..i was expecting to seem him buried with a mammoth skin handbag or..something else...i dunno i cant even think what would differentiate a non gay cave man from a gay cave man.

Now im not a gay  man or indeed a gay cave man but i had to turn my eye to the comments section of this article on the Daily Mail's site, its full of the classic mix of right wing gold and obvious trolls, i notice a lot of the really anti gay stuff seems to be coming from the American posters (they really must fear the queer skeletons):

Probably a crusty old bachelor who didn't want women messing up his bachelor cave, as for being gay get it right, homosexual, gay was only stolen by the homosexual group in recent times, and they seem to spend all their time saying and trying to prove it is normal.

Maybe the ground was just hard? Maybe he curled up and was covered? Maybe they didn't like him? Seems like a lot of conjecture to me... I guess the desire to legitimize homosexuality trumps all else...idk.

PC gone mad again, next we will be told he was also a Muslim!

Just have to get the "gay" thing everywhere!!

Junk science pandering to the politically correct agenda of the liberal and/or gay community. Not real science at all.

Here we go gay gay it's all you hear. May be it was a straight man who liked house work....don't have to be gay for that do you????? Still any old excuse eh?

He does look a bit camp.......

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