Thursday, 7 April 2011

Trainers on the wire...

The soothing sight of a pair of worn out trainers hanging from a telephone wire is always going to raise a chuckle with me.
I've never been sure whether the whole trainers hanging from a wire is drug related or gang related or just some pissed up blokes trying to confuse people. I tend to side with the latter.
This hilariously classic Daily Mail article litterally had me laughing aloud to here for the middleclass panic riddled guff.
The quote, "We asked about the trainers and people said it was an American thing and to do with drugs." , had me reaching for my chuckle box, its such a middle class alarmist thing to come out with, i mean who did this person ask?? a man next door, someone in the pub, a cashier in the bank??. Hey maybe it was just someone who thought it would be funny to through some trainers over a wire..?

This lovely pair was photographed just outside of my workplace.
Taken and edited on my iPod using Camera+

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